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The 皇冠官方app下载 International Airport 采购 and Materials Management Department (PMM) is responsible for centralized procurement and materials management functions and ensures the availability of materials, 供应, equipment and professional and general services necessary to support the operation and maintenance of the Airport. The Airport supports and complies with all business inclusion and diversity requirements and policies.


皇冠官方app下载 International Airport is owned by the Cities of Dallas and 沃斯堡, Texas (“owner cities”). 皇冠官方app下载 International Airport is a Public Entity and must follow applicable Federal and State Law when buying goods and services.


To improve predictability in the customer experience by adding a comprehensive value to the procurement process.


To provide an inclusive, integrated and respectful 采购 & Material Management solution.


  • You’re Important
  • Everyone’s Welcome
  • Collaborating Wins
  • Striving for Excellence
  • Trust In Everything

Cone of Silence

To ensure a proper and fair evaluation, the 皇冠官方app下载 International Airport has established a cone of silence applicable to all Competitive Selection Processes, including RFPs and RFBs. The cone of silence is designed to protect the integrity of the procurement process by shielding it from undue influences. The cone of silence will be imposed on all Competitive Selection Processes, beginning with advertisement for the same and ending with the 董事会’s selection for RFPs or the 董事会’s award for an RFB.

The Cone of Silence begins when the solicitation is advertised/released and ends after the contract/purchase order is awarded, noting that the release of some information is restricted by law. Potential bidders/proposers cannot discuss any aspect of a released solicitation with Airport personnel, with the exception of the contract administrator/buyer listed in the solicitation.

One of 皇冠官方app下载’s goal is to give suppliers a fair opportunity to compete for business.

Supplier Information

  • 皇冠官方app下载 采购 Buying 计划

    The 采购 Buying 计划 is a forecast of contracting opportunities which may be bid during the fiscal year. The 采购 Buying 计划 also identifies resource providers which can assist you in competing for opportunities at 皇冠官方app下载. The Buying 计划 is updated each quarter to reflect changes, timelines or additions to the plan.

  • Supplier Self Service

    Many collaborative features are offered to our suppliers through the 皇冠官方app下载 Fusion Portal Application.

  • 采购 FAQs

    View a list of procurement frequently asked questions to help you on your way.

  • Current Solicitations & 请求

    View a list of all active solicitations and requests. All solicitations and requests are subject to change by way of an addendum.

  • Announcements & 表格

    View a list of released solicitations, bid tabulations and submittal responses.

  • Awarded or Closed Solicitations & 请求

    View a list all awarded or closed solicitations and requests.

Bonfire Portal

To register and receive notifications for solicitations please click the link below.


采购 Offices:

  • 2400 Aviation Drive 皇冠官方app下载 Airport, TX 75261-9428
  • 972 973 5600 (p) 972 973 5601 (f)

Central Warehouse:

  • 3122 East 30th St. (Carbon Road) 皇冠官方app下载 Airport, TX 75261-9428
  • 972 973 5633 (p)

Mailing Address:

  • P.O. Box 619428 皇冠官方app下载 Airport, TX 75261-9428



Do 业务 with 皇冠官方app下载

We encourage you to also visit 皇冠官方app下载 Airport's 业务 Diversity & 发展 department to learn more about how 皇冠官方app下载 creates and sustains a diverse, growing business environment. Learn also more about the different programs such as MWBE and more.


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